Our Story


Based Wellness started as a solo nutrition practice and was quickly transformed into an integrative practice. Based Wellness is about health, happiness and inspired living. We hear SO much about balance but we don’t talk about having a solid base or foundation for our lives and our health. Trying to find the healthy balance between two extremes is exhausting for your body, whereas making (even small) informed decisions based on what you’ve come to realize is best for your needs is extremely revitalizing.

Based Wellness came to fruition when I started listening to my gut and doing more things that made me happy and felt right. At Based Wellness, I am able to combine my passions for helping people, health and overall wellness to help customers and clients feel their absolute best on the inside and out. At Based Wellness, our team offers personalized services to each client we see to address his or her specific concerns. We believe in taking a holistic, science backed and evidence based approach to help equip you with the tidbits and tools you need to build a solid foundation for your own well based life.

Personalized services available at Based Wellness include nutrition consults, esthetics services and massage therapy. Based Wellness carries several skincare lines that include a wide range of organic and all natural products, along with a highly curated selection of unique home goods and gifts. We love visiting with all of you and helping people choose items to take home with them!

I hope to see you soon!

– Amy