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My Favorite Green Smoothie

When I was in college, I bought a juicer and for a while, I juiced EVERYTHING. I felt good and I made great tasting juices that I enjoyed, but after a while I realized that juicers are a pain to clean because of all of the leftover plant product! This residual material (and my serious disdain for cleaning intricate pieces of kitchen gadgets) directed me to juice’s no frills relative, the smoothie.

I prefer smoothies over juice because they are easier to make but more importantly there is less waste and they are easier for your body to digest because you are getting all of the fiber that was intended to be consumed with the plant’s natural sugars.

My go to green smoothie is packed with more than a full day’s worth of Vitamins A and C, more than half a days worth of Calcium and Iron and is also rich in fiber and Potassium.


Favorite Green Smoothie

Makes 1 Serving
Time: 5 minutes

1 Honey Crisp (or other sweet apple)
1 Tbsp Flax Seed
1 Packed Cup of Chopped Kale
1 Cup of Water
1 Small Piece of Ginger (1 inch), Grated
Juice From 1/2 a Lemon



    1. Cut the apple into 1/2 inch cubes and place in freezer until completely frozen. I like to keep individual bags of chopped apples in my freezer on hand for this recipe.
    2. Add the kale and flax seed to your blender. Cover with 1/2 cup of water. Blend on high until smooth and there are no whole pieces of kale left.
    3. Add frozen apple, lemon juice, ginger and remaining half cup of water. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Green Smoothie - 1 (1)

Do you have a sweets lover in your life or are you a sweets lover? Swap out the apple for pineapple for a sweeter version. Do you like your smoothies creamier? Swap out the water for your plant based milk of choice. Let me know what you love to put in your favorite smoothie!

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