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How to Incorporate More Plants Into Your Life and Why

I am a big believer that environment can play a huge role in attitude and I am a big believer that attitude can play a huge role in health. Plants are something that I absolutely love having in my home and are a simple and affordable way to make a positive impact on your environment. Research has shown that plants can have a positive impact on mood by reducing stress and that they can create healthier indoor air, especially in areas with poor ventilation. While I’m over here trying to keep my plants alive and to get rid of my reputation as an accidental plant killer, I have compiled a few tips on how to incorporate more plants into your life!

  1. Choose plants you can enjoy year round. If you are like me and live in an area with cold winters, find plants that do well whether inside or outside. I have several of these boxwood plants in my yard but I also have several in planters. These boxwood plants will go back outside in planters that match my outdoor space when the weather is nice again, but for now I will enjoy the brightness they bring to the indoors in planters that match the inside of my home.


2. Use plants as an accent/decor. I really like to keep things simple and neutral color-wise, but I have a decent amount of plants and for the most part they are green. I guess you could say I use my plants as an accent color and also as decor.

3.  Choose plants that are useful. In my kitchen I grow herbs. I am able to use these as decor and they are also great to have on hand for cooking. In one of my bathrooms, picture below, I have an aloe plant. While it may look like any other plant that is simply decorative, this plant has come in very handy to use on burns and is also super easy to grow.


4. Remind yourself of what inspires you. As an extra, non-plant related tip, choose a few quotes that you enjoy and have them displayed in your home. These quotes are ideally going to contain reminders or inspiration for the day. Choose wisely so that you are not inundated with these quote signs and therefore the ones you do have will be more meaningful. I have found pre-made signs with quotes I love, hired sign makers to create signs with quotes I love and also created my own prints and then framed them.

5. Give the gift of plants. While you consider the addition of plants to your home or work spaces, you may also want to consider plants as gifts, favors or centerpieces. One of my favorite housewarming gifts we have received is this beautiful and unique plant. My husband has brought me plants instead of flowers. For both my brothers rehearsal dinner and my rehearsal dinner, we used plants in pretty decorative containers that guests were able to take home. This sustainable alternative to cut flowers will be cherished for as long as the recipient can keep the plant alive!


What plants do you have at home? What house plant tips do you have?

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