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Goal Planning

I am, by nature, a planner. For example, when we travel I always make a plan. I seek out recommendations and reviews and I figure out what places we must visit. Within my plan, outside of our “musts”, I also list multiple options for whatever we are in the mood for when we are actually on the trip. I absolutely believe that while planning may take a bit of extra time, in the long run it leads to a more satisfactory outcome and less anxiety. As I have gotten older and possibly wiser (?), my short-term and long-term plans end up being framed a lot like the way I create travel agendas in that after analyzing what I hope to achieve and after completing any necessary research, I am be able to create a plan of execution that also allows some flexibility for the variables and unexpected in life.

Goals can oftentimes seem distant or vague. When setting goals, I like to break them down into smaller pieces and the more specific they are, the higher the chance there is for success. I like to not only think about what I am doing but why I am doing it, including what has or has not worked for me in the past. What makes this goal important to me and how will my life or future benefit from it? Lastly, and this has been huge for me to overcome, I have realized that I cannot achieve my goals alone.  Whether I need to rely on information in a manual published by someone with more experience, ask for help from my friends or my partner or say no to things I know I cannot commit to, looking outside of myself to accomplish my goals has been imperative.

Am I aware that there are many things we can’t plan for? Absolutely. But when it comes to things that I can plan for, I like having a plan or something to work towards or I feel lost. I am someone who absolutely needs the structure to help me make the most of my time and ultimately be able to enjoy myself  and even if you are the type of person who usually lives life on a whim, I would encourage you to try out the downloadable, printable, goal planning worksheet I have created below to see how it works for you! What are you working towards this year, this month or this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Printable Goal Planning Worksheet!