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My Amazon Wellness Gifts Gift Guide

I shop local A LOT but I also love ordering stuff off of Amazon because it’s so convenient. I’ve rounded up a list of 15 gifts that have a wellness theme to ask for or give!

  1. Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

It feels like it’s rather hard to find products that are on the natural side even if they claim to be but this one is awesome! With ingredients that are safe, this is a great addition to a gift basket (salt scrub, journal, new pillows and a candle for a relaxation gift!), get as a stocking stuffer or tie a pretty ribbon around it as a small gift!

2. Organic Sweet Almond Oil

This is one of my favorite beauty products. This is amazing for all over body moisture for adults and babies! Skip regular scented lotions and baby oil (that is often made with mineral oil) and opt for Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Add a few drops of lavender oil for a relaxing before bed mixture.

3. Sonic Vibrating Facial Cleansing Brush

This little brush makes skincare an absolute breeze. I love this particular one because the size is perfect for travel and it comes with multiple attachments and speed settings. The price point is great too!

4. The Five Minute Journal – Guided Gratitude Journal

I love the idea of a few minutes disconnected from everything to focus on the good that is within every day. I also love actually putting pen to paper! This would be a great gift to get or give!

5. Natural Soy Candle Set

Is any gift list complete without candles? No. Absolutely not. But these candles aren’t just any candles…they’re natural candles made from soy wax which is a lot better for you to burn than some other super popular brands I won’t name.  Gift this as a set or separate them!

6. Waterpik Water Flosser

Don’t think for a minute that you’re oral health is separate from your overall health! Bad oral health and oral hygiene’s connection to other health issues is well documented. I love using a Waterpik to floss with because it gives me an I just left the dentist feeling of clean!

7. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow
We have so many pillows at my house. I thought I was losing my mind because they kept appearing but really my husband just kept buying them! We have tried so many pillows but these ones are the best and the price for two is amazing!

8. Resistance Bands

Do you know someone who is always on the go but also makes fitness a priority? These take up virtually no space at all and are perfect for a workout at home or on the go!

9. Sleep Mask

I’ve honestly never used an eye mask because whenever I’ve tried one on they’re extremely uncomfortable and it feels like I’m being blindfolded. I purchased this one for a long flight and it’s nothing short of amazing. The mask has super comfy cups (this honestly kind of looks like a mini bra) that allow for your eyelashes to have some room rather than get squished. Being able to get ample sleep is so important for good health!

10. Marbled Pouches

I love these pouches! I bought them to toss in my purse and beach bag all summer so that I could easily transfer items from one bag to another. Use this to store your supplements, your sunscreen, your lip balm or whatever else you may want to have on the go!

11. Heated MassagerEven if you or people on your list don’t have chronic pain, there will always be those days that you are a little more sore than others. This heated massager is amazing and is a great gift to give or, in my case, to even to gift to myself!

12. Organic Tea Set

Have a tea lover in your life? This is a great option so that the tea lover in your life can try a variety of teas to find their favorite!

13. Nespresso

Why am I including this? When I got my Nespsresso, I actually started drinking LESS coffee because it was single serve. This machine makes the best cup of coffee and it even came with a milk frother that works with non-dairy milks like almond milk! While I am typically against single use coffee makers (cough cough Keurigs) Nespress machines are made almost entirely from recycled products, the coffee itself is actually fair trade and sustainable and the pods are recyclable! I was and am totally sold on this product. Additionally, if you know someone or are someone who LOVES buying coffee drinks out, this makes coffeehouse quality drinks at home allowing you full control over the creamer and sugar content!

14. Spiralizer

This easy to use gadget allows any sturdy veggie to be turned into a “noodle”! Use this to make hot or cold dishes or create garnishes.

15. Yeti Water Bottle

I love a reusable water bottle. I always have one with me because I think paying for bottled water is ridiculous and single use plastic water bottles are super wasteful. Use this to keep items hot or cold for hours! If you feel like splurging on another Yeti product, this bag is amazing to pack some snacks or a lunch in or to keep in your car to keep items cold in after you go to the grocery store. As a bonus, it floats!

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